About Christine Lister

Christine was a high-achieving principal and educational leader in a previous career. She is now a passionate gardener, orchid grower, author, editor, speaker, publisher and U3A tutor with a penchant for inspiring and motivating people.

Books have always been a refuge and a passion. Books and their fantastic characters opened up new worlds – wonderful fantasies, dreams of what could be. In books everything was possible. What didn’t happen, or disappointed in real life, would become a reality in books.

Like Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Christine learnt early on she was different from the flock. Flying and freedom were synonymous. The urge to fly higher, see further and to continually challenge one’s capabilities, paramount. To not accept what was, but what could be, fundamental to her being. A crusade which lead to a long and successful career in education, often in the forefront of innovation and change.

When her soul mate Rex died, Christine started writing. Her first book was a heart-wrenching memoir about losing a partner to cancer, The Hidden Journey – Melanoma up Close and Personal

The second, a picture storybook, Tahlia, You Can Do It!, about the exploits of her brother-in-law teaching her great niece Tahlia to ride a motorbike.

The third, In the Garden of my Delights – Inspiration and Quotes for the Heart and Soul, is an uplifting book combining inspirational photography by Brett Foster and quotes celebrating the unique beauty of her much loved garden. This book was the catalyst for the unique and uniquely Australian project, Australian Inspiration

We all love inspiring quotes but great quotes by Australians are not readily found. Sharing what inspires or resonates with us is an important means of valuing our multicultural identity and heritage and this timeless land. Too often Australians put themselves down rather than celebrating their intellect and wisdom. The tall poppy syndrome still casts a shadow over our psyches.

Christine wanted to change that and wrote to hundreds and hundreds of Australians and all the tourism authorities asking them to share their favourite quotes and photos as well as gathering others from books, newspapers, magazines, the Internet, TV and radio transcripts, documentaries and speeches, poems and song lyrics.

The result of this labour of love is www.australianinspiration.com.au and an illustrated quote book, Aussie Quotes - I Bloody Love You Australia!

My books are about my great loves and my passion to motivate and inspire.

Contact Christine Lister at christine@australianinspiration.com.au