"It was my dream one day I come to Australia, The dream is gone, now it is real. Now I ask what I can do for Australia."


"Fear is the thief of dreams. "


"There are dreams to be dreamed, there are ventures to start, there are new songs to sing - when you have hope in your heart."


"Sometimes we let fear stand between us and our rainbow but if we have courage, our hopes and dreams will lead us to our pot of gold in life. "


"Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die then life is like a broken winged bird that cannot fly. I want to be able to achieve my dreams and make a difference to other people's lives one day."


"Carry the sun inside you and reach out for the dreams that guide you. You have everything you need to take you where you want to go then. "


"Everyone can make a difference in their own way and their own time. My advice to young people is to keep believing in yourself and your dreams. Being passionate and committed to something which means a lot to you is all that matters. "


"No dreamer is ever too small. No dream ever too big."


"I was especially terrified of Germans, because they clearly glorified in their wickedness; they wore black uniforms, flaunted an insignia of a human skull couched on human bones, and unabashedly proclaimed themselves 'Nasties'. At a time when Australia stood in real and present danger from the Japanese, my dreams were full of stolid minions of men in black... invading across the back paddock, through the back gate and into the kitchen to kill us all."

INGA, CLENDINNEN - Reading the Holocaust

"As one gets older, I believe and follow my motto, 'DON'T STOP', in all things. Age is not a barrier. It adds greater wisdom. Always keep active and follow your dream right to the end. "


"The best way to make dreams come true is to wake up to yourself."


"Dream it. Dare it. Do it. "

CATHERINE, DE VRYE - Who says I can't

"The poorest person is not one without a dollar but one without a dream."


"Just because it is, doesn't mean it should be. "

DROVER, DROVER - Australia, the movie

"We must now change course. Welfare has not worked. It has a place, always, in the most desperate times, but if it replaces a person's will, if it turns their kind of feather bed into quicksand, then it is failing the indigenous people. "


"Mirage. Mirage. Dreams and illusions. When we lose our dreams we die. "

MILES, FRANKLIN - My Congenials

"I felt so full of gratitude and humility that I clasped my hands in front of me, closed my eyes and said a silent prayer of thanks to God - I had at last achieved something I'd wanted for so long. My insides bubbled with happiness. It was a dream come true. "


"This has been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, and that's why I got really emotional, because this has happened to a little girl like me - an Indigenous Australian. "


"When you have a dream you have to work hard to achieve that dream. Your dreams when you are young can be the force that keeps you going. "


"A dream has power to poison sleep."


"It's time.
Time to open the door to my heart
and let in the angel of love.
Time to love again.
Time to think about things
yet to be done.
Time to dream dreams
yet to be won.
In my heart I know...
the best is yet to come!"

SARA, HENDERSON - The Strength of our Dreams

"Create a dream and give it everything you have, you could be surprised just how much you are capable of achieving. If you don't have a dream - borrow one! Any, which way. You must have a dream."

SARA, HENDERSON - From Strength to Strength

"... fumbling for the right words in a language not made for explaining... still hopefully clapping hands before the shrines of gods who will never know them but whose indifference itself seems sweet."

DIANNE, HIGHBRIDGE - In the Empire of Dreams

"They lie, the men who tell us in a loud decisive tone that want is here a stranger, and that misery's unknown; I wonder would the apathy of wealthy men endure were all their windows level with the faces of the Poor? "

HENRY, LAWSON - Faces in the Street

"The garden talks to me . This is my passion, where my creative energies come alive. Amidst the forest of native plants, grasses, herbs, spring bulbs, brilliant deciduous autumn trees, orchids and roses are emerging in pots and across archways. The garden is ever changing, just like the weather and me. I walk in it, sit in it, marvel at it and drink it in. I dream of what I can do, then I make it happen, bit by bit. And then I walk, sit, marvel and drink it in some more."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"There is healing in our dreams. Let us dare to dream again. "


"If you've got no love in your heart, you've got nothing... No dreaming, no story, nothing... "

MAGARRI, MAGARRI - Australia, the movie

"There are many people out there dreaming of great things and it's a good chance your son or daughter is one of them. Don't let them lose one of humanity's most prized assets - the vision. "


"What I really believe in, especially for kids these days is, follow your dreams, even if other people think that your dream is silly or they think that you haven't got the ability to achieve it, just don't listen to the negative stuff , you know you've got to follow your dreams because if you have enough determination you will get there, you will get there eventually - just don't let other people put you off."


"It may not be easy, life isn't easy, but dreams keep you alive. "


"What is worthwhile in life? I think it is worth living and dreaming. If you don't you may be dead anyhow - inside. "


"I actually build my dreams around the dancers I've got in my company."


"My dream is that this generation can stand up and make a difference and champion nature. In 1992, I decided that to win the war I needed to focus more on the kids. After all, the adults didn't seem to be listening. The kids are the frontline for the environment now. So today, my work and my company's work is very much focussed on encouraging young people to love nature, to live within the natural world, to question and search and discover, and most importantly, to follow their dreams and live their passion. Kids today are very aware. They do care about what is happening to their inheritance, but we all still have so much to learn about Australian wildlife. The war on wildlife is still far from over. "


"Dreams come true if you keep them alive in your heart and you are prepared to put in the work, no matter the cost."


"Attitude is tremendously important in chasing success - in any field of endeavour. That's why I believe talent alone will get you very little in this world. "

JIM, STYNES - Heroes: A Guide to Realising Your Dreams

"I'm an ordinary girl who believed in her dream. "


"You don't have to be someone special to achieve something amazing. You've just got to have a dream, believe in it and work hard. "


"Live your dream. "


"I'd like to try to inspire the youth, that's obviously where our future is and the kids are the ones you can mould and you can give them ideas and opportunities and I'd like to try to inspire all the young kids because I had a dream when I was young, that was to play for Australia."

STEVE, WAUGH - 1960-2010 Australians of the Year, Wendy Lewis

"You've got to have dreams to keep you going. "


"Be proud of your Culture - it is not a barrier to your aspirations, dreams and achievement but it is the essence of who you are and the qualities that you have as a person."