"The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. The paths to it are made, not found, and the activity of making of them changes with both the destination and the maker"


"When you stand looking down on the Freycinet Peninsula, it's a bit like life really - its beauty, ruggedness and ageless power have the ability to overpower, inspire or make you feel as though you've really just come home. Like a life well lived it has a sense of real and tragic history and a genuine hope for an exciting future for yourself and those who will follow. "


"The Earth and its magnificent gift of life deserve the best efforts of every human. "


"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending."


"What will happen to the spirit of this ancient dreaming land without the great mobs of kangaroos bounding across the song lines, energizing the land? Will the sunset and dawn mourn the passing of the creatures who danced in their light? "


"There was no magic encounter for me with a whale in the ocean; no being zapped by a whale as I snorkelled in their world. Nothing visible or capable of explanation. In fact, I'd never seen a whale. When I first witnessed their terrible death agony, I couldn't get the picture of a whale being harpooned out of my mind. It was a hideous mind-blowing sight. That day I recognised a purpose on the journey of my life. "


"Who will mourn the passing of our magnificent kangaroos? Who will remember how the bush once danced in rhythm with the thumping, jumping kangaroos who flew over fences - their great tails drumming on the earth? Who will remember the big red male kangaroo lying in the desert sun, his coat almost indistinguishable from the red earth from which he came? "


"We need help nature by looking after the planet's ecosystems. We must do something about the three major things that affect our demand on our planet: what we consume, how we produce things and the size of the population."


"You have to let go of the past to have a better future, and you do that through love and family."


"We save paradise by an intense education program where you get people that you can trust to talk sanely about the environment and hope that the message will get through. "


"So far as we know, Earth is the only planet which supports life, and it is the only planet on which we can survive. Our bodies and our minds are fashioned by it. Our hearts resonate with it. There will be little joy for the human spirit if we destroy the natural fabric of Earth with nothing left to do but go shopping. When we imagine the world a century from now, when we look our great grandchildren in the eye and see them smiling back at us because they know we cared for them, we smile too!"

BOB, BROWN - Global Greens Conference, Sao Paulo, Brazil, May 2008

"Real life security and contentment come not from putting a gun in the cupboard, but from taking a role in the world's future. "

BOB, BROWN - Memo for a Saner World 2004

"In securing the future of the planet, we secure happiness for ourselves. One of the aims of the Greens is to turn around the tide of pessimism amongst the young people of the world. "


"We are all born bonded to nature; that's why we put depictions of flowers and forests, rather than bulldozers or log piles, on our walls. "

BOB, BROWN - Memo for a Saner World 2004

"Wilderness has become one of the world's fastest disappearing resources, and it is non-renewable. Yet unlike oil, gold or woodchips, it is essential to the wellbeing of humanity. We are made of it and fashioned by it?our psychological beings resonate with it. "

BOB, BROWN - Endangered: Tasmania's Wild Places, Roger McDonald

"The reality is that if we in this rich, lucky quarter of the planet cannot make a stand for the 30 million other species we share this planet with, let alone our own species, then who can? "

BOB, BROWN - Tasmanian Hansard, Forest Reform Bill, 31 October 1991

"We must have an expansionary vision, one that captures the imagination and diversity of the whole community, one which befits a nation which has moved beyond the basics of literacy and numeracy and which wants to develop a learning culture, to affirm its democratic traditions and give expression to the diversity and vibrance of its community through its public education system. Putting optimism for everyone back into Australia's future depends on it. "


"Whereas our common past, out of Africa, saw a global diaspora of humankind, our common future depends on a global coming together and consensus, resulting in a more equitable distribution of the Earth's largesse. When Africa, which gave us the wealth of life, has that debt returned, the world will have come of age. "

BOB, BROWN - Memo for a Saner World 2004

"On one hand, I'm an optimistic pessimist. On the other, I'm a pessimistic optimist. But while there's life, there's still hope, and I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I didn't think there was still hope."

DR HELEN, CALDICOTT - on the future

"We are the curators of life on earth. We hold it in the palm of our hand."


"This generation has a chance to be wiser than previous generations. They can make their own history. With the end of the domination by the straiteners, the enlargers of life now have their chance? It is the task of the historian and the mythmaker to tell the story of how the world came to be as it is. It is the task of the prophet to tell the story of what might be. The historian presents the choice: history is a book of wisdom for those making that choice."

MANNING CHARLES, CLARK - epilogue, A History of Australia

"Our human responsibility for animal rights, plant rights, and the rights of the earth to its health and wholeness is self-evident. Whatever our beliefs about the hereafter we are the temporary custodians of the here-and-now, and if we neglect our obligations or abuse our powers then we abrogate any rights to a further share in this planet's delights. "


"We must start understanding other cultures, such as the Aboriginal culture. They have a harmony with the Earth and from that harmony has grown a certain spirituality. "

IAN, COHEN - The Search for Meaning Caroline Jones

"The whole environment out there is a living, breathing almost conscious being that is saying something to us human beings. The forests can't act but they can inspire us and they inspire people like myself and money others in the conservation movement to act on their behalf. "

IAN, COHEN - The Search for Meaning Caroline Jones

"'Paying it forward'. In many ways that is a succinct expression of the major obligation of our existence. Doing things now for the protection and upliftment of relatively helpless future generations, which either don't exist yet or are presently too young to take action themselves. Australians don't have this obligation uniquely - every society on earth shares it equally. But in this country we have opportunities not widely available. We not only have an abundance of brilliant people with great energy and inventiveness, we are comparatively rich and thus can do what others might only dream of."

GENERAL SIR PETER, COSGROVE - A Very Australian Conversation, Boyer Lectures 2009

"I think now we have a very unique opportunity, thanks to the election result, thanks to such a big vote for the Greens, to say you know what, we have to face it. Otherwise this generation will be robbing the next generation of their future, and that's immoral and unethical."

REVEREND TIM, COSTELLO - on climate change

"I have an optimism about what people are willing to do. The greatest force in the world today, believe it or not, are these countless groups of people in every country almost, that are doing things to protect their local environment and to try and protect the earth. "


"Stand in despair anywhere old-growth forest has been clear-felled. All life has been replaced by blackened, poisoned desolation. Animals and birds have either fled or been killed, and baits are laid waiting for those that should return. And in these tortured places, the devastation is brutal and total. And this is what greed looks like. "


"You can't drive into the future if you are looking into a rear vision mirror. "


"We have much to contribute to the world; ways of knowing and being that are going to be essential to everyone's survival on our planet. As true citizens of Australia, properly acknowledged in our constitution, we can look forward not only to improving our own lot, but helping Australia contribute to the well-being of all the world's peoples. "


"The challenge is to develop visions, strategies, design and innovation, not just for surviving but for thriving in this new globalising society. "

PETER, ELLYARD - Designing 2050: Pathways to sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth

"Globalisation can provide the route for the development of a sustainable and prosperous planetary society in the next generation, provided that globalisation itself becomes more civilised than it is right now."

PETER, ELLYARD - Designing 2050: Pathways to sustainable prosperity on spaceship earth

"The journey is long, the road is dark and frightening, but together we can reach our destination: the Tasmania of which we all dream, where all are welcome and all prosper, made no longer of lies but truth, built not of rich men's hate but our love for our island and for each other. "

RICHARD, FLANAGAN - Stop the Pulp Mill rally speech, 17 November 2007

"It's easy to imagine that us Australians have really made a secure future for ourselves here, but ever since the time the first Europeans arrived we've altered nature so much that we've become an exterminator species - the future eaters."


"I felt Australians needed to come to terms with the fact that they inhabit a continent in the southern oceans whose nearest neighbours are Asia and it has a very distinctive history and a very unique biological history, and that we need to come to terms with that to live sustainably. "


"We could go over the cliff. You would hope not. You would hope that people see what needs to be done. It's not rocket science. It's not difficult. It's not even all that costly. It's actually about the way you think about the world. "


"Fifty years ago Australia rode on the sheep's back and wool was worth a pound a pound and no one could think beyond that, could they? No one could have imagined this wonderful new economy that we've grown based on other resources. And the same is going to be true for coal, we will make the transition into a new economy and we will be better off..."

TIM, FLANNERY - 1960-2010 Australians of the Year, Wendy Lewis

"Through the activities of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) I've learned that we can establish a very different kind of relationship with this land - one that permits us to nourish and sustain its biodiversity, its soils and landscapes. "


"But I am certain of one thing - if we do not strive to love one another, and to love our planet as much as we love ourselves, then no further progress is possible here on Earth. "

TIM, FLANNERY - Here On Earth an argument for hope

"It's us that decide whether native species will go extinct, or be allowed to thrive. Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), I believe, allows us to express a new sort of patriotism. Through it we can slowly reappraise what it means to be Australian. "


"The world is actually in many key ways improving at the moment. There are still enormous challenges. "


"I remain optimistic that we can turn things around, but I think we've got much less time than I thought to ensure our survival. "


"I was trying to get people to see that you can't just grow forever and hope that the environment will take care of itself. "


"I was born in Australia as a European and we are still coming to terms with our environment in Australia. It's taken people a long time to realise they're no longer living in Europe and they can no longer live according to the European way of living because to do that is to destroy the environment of Australia. There's a mismatch between the people and their culture, and the land that they live in."


"The pursuit of money is in some ways a very shallow thing and it won't bring happiness unless your mind is prepared to use that money in ways that expand it and satisfy it. So, to me an interest in science and literature and the arts, is all part of just being a full human being, and of course you've got to make some money as well, but our education system it seems to me, should be producing fully rounded human beings who can say, 'I've lead a really satisfying life. I've had all the tools I need to be able to lead a great life,' rather than just, 'I made some money."


"Evolution is on our side. The Earth is the ultimate manifestation of the evolutionary process and it's not one of chaos, it's one of coherence and co-operation. "


"Our world is a web of interdependencies woven so tightly it sometimes becomes love."


"If we want a long-term future for ourselves and our children, we need to learn about our country, and to nurture it - just as we hope that it will continue to support us. For all these reasons, Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is vital to me because it allows me to express my love of my country. "

TIM, FLANNERY - Director of Australian Wildlife Conservancy

"We look but we don't see. We hear but we don't listen. The earth is crying. Our planet is dying. "


"Global Catch 22: Mankind seems hell bent on being the only species left on earth; the problem is that our survival and continued existence relies on the very biodiversity we destroy. "


"The human race is environmentally suicidal. Driven by greed and out of touch with the natural world, we are oblivious to the path of self-destruction we are taking."


"Climate change is such a huge issue that it requires strong, concerted, consistent and enduring action by governments."


"Fear not for the future, weep not for the past."


"FIGHT FOR THE EARTH: The earth can't speak for itself, it will just slowly die if we don't fight for it. "

HAZEL, HAWKE - A Little Bit of Magic

"The thing about old books that I find mysterious and interesting is that reading them now, we are the readers who the writer could not have imagined. We belong... to the unimaginable future."


"We need to act now. Otherwise the biodiversity that makes Australia so wonderfully unique is going to be lost to us forever."


"Eighty-two percent of Australia's bird species and two thirds of Australia's mammal species can be found on our (Australian Wildlife Conservancy) reserves. We put teams of people on the frontline in the battle against feral animals, wildfires and noxious weeds. Science underpins everything we do."


"Children are very precious, very special, they are our future. They deserve our nurturing. "


"We have to shift our emphasis from economic efficiency and materialism towards a sustainable quality of life and to healing of our society, of our people and our ecological systems"


"My main concern is that when we create national parks, it is assumed that everything is now sorted forever, that we have preserved something and we now leave it alone. That is totally wrong: we are still the managers of our ecosystems. "

PHIL, INGAMELLS - on using our natural resources

"I believe sustainable use is the greatest propaganda in wildlife conservation at the moment. "


"I am optimistic globally. So many scientists are working frantically on the reparation of our planet. "


"My dad taught me from my youngest childhood memories through these connections with Aboriginal and tribal people that you must always protect people's sacred status, regardless of the past. Every time you lose an animal, it's like losing a brick from the house. Pretty soon the house just falls down, you know? "


"Born a wildlife warrior, die a wildlife warrior. "


"I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that's habitat destruction. "


"Our role is that of guardian and keeper for future generations, not of plunderer and despoiler for our self-indulgent use."


"In the area of understanding, thinking and responding as a nation we appear to be mildly retarded."

BARRY, JONES - The Future of Work, John Wilkes (ed)

"Internationally Australia is ceasing to be intellectually competitive; internally we are losing the essential preconditions for personal competence, social cohesion, employment prospects and the free flow of comprehensible information which makes democracy workable."

BARRY, JONES - Sleepers, Wake!, 1982

"We face an extraordinarily ambiguous future. Technology can be used to promote greater economic equity, more freedom of choice, and participatory democracy. Conversely, it can be used to intensify the worst aspects of a competitive society, to widen the gap between rich and poor, to make democratic goals irrelevant, and institute a technocracy."

BARRY, JONES - Sleepers, Wake!, 1982

"Academic economists have about the status and reliability of astrologers or the readers of Tarot cards. If the medical profession was as lacking in resources as the economists we would not have advanced very far beyond the provision of splints for broken arms."

BARRY, JONES - The Future of Work, John Wilkes (ed), 1981

"We want to plan a future that can be embraced, not feared and to involve all Australians in the journey."

JASON, KIMBERLEY - on making environmental change a reality

"The future belongs to Gillard, Tanya Plibersek, Penny Wong, Bill Shorten, Greg Combet, Mark Dreyfus and others with talent and forward vision. It also belongs to politicians who care about more than themselves and their careers, who care about climate change and the environment, as Combet does, who care about disability insurance, as Shorten does, who care about the state of our hospitals, as Plibersek does, and who care passionately about access to education as our Prime Minister does..."

MARILYN, LAKE - National Times 26 March 2013

"There is healing in our dreams. Let us dare to dream again. "


"Remember that the future is not somewhere we are going, it is something we are creating. Everyday we do things that make some futures more probable and others less likely. "


"So, this Australia Day, let's demand more civility in our politics and of ourselves. We can start by accepting that compromise is not the same thing as corruption. By accepting that ideology can instruct and define as well as it can obscure and injure. Let's ask that we treat each other as adults. Let's have the humility to recognise when your political counterpart wants the same outcome as yourself, but disagrees about how to achieve it. Australia is a wonderful place, but it's wonderful in spite of its current politics. Let's build our future with intelligent leadership, rather than pretending we're doing the same with cliche and rancour."

MARTIN, McKENZIE-MURRAY - A New Shade of True Blue, The Age 26 January 2012

"Look closely at nature. Every species is a masterpiece, exquisitely adapted to the particular environment in which it has survived. Who are we to destroy or even diminish biodiversity?"


"They who came here in chains, who were lashed while they worked in convict gangs at Port Arthur. They who like many others were driven through starvation or oppression from their home-lands to the shores of this new country, Australia. They, who for a multitude of reasons that hopefully, I or my children will never witness or experience, decided not to harbour grudges or discontent but rather to look to the future. They who embraced this country as their own and said; "let's get on with it, this is a new land, this is our home.""


"Let no-one say the past is dead, the past is all about us and within. "


"Educating others was my primary objective in starting the company. It wasn't just about taking spectacular images, although that is extremely rewarding, too. It was about promoting an understanding for the importance of nature. The first step has to be to light a fire in someone - inspire them to learn more, inspire them to genuinely become one with nature, urge them to connect with it and to celebrate its beauty and diversity. Then let's talk about saving it. "


"My dream is that this generation can stand up and make a difference and champion nature. In 1992, I decided that to win the war I needed to focus more on the kids. After all, the adults didn't seem to be listening. The kids are the frontline for the environment now. So today, my work and my company's work is very much focussed on encouraging young people to love nature, to live within the natural world, to question and search and discover, and most importantly, to follow their dreams and live their passion. Kids today are very aware. They do care about what is happening to their inheritance, but we all still have so much to learn about Australian wildlife. The war on wildlife is still far from over. "


"As a young person who will inherit the world being created now, I want us to start talking about what needs to happen to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring again and again. I don't want to live in the world we are previewing right now. We need fundamental change, and it starts with a price on pollution that rids our economy of polluting energy and creates clean energy instead. It starts with increased funding for healthy, renewable energy. It starts with a serious commitment from all political parties to do what is right and significantly reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. I hope some good can come out of this tragedy, and that we use it to have a conversation about what we are going to do this year to make these solutions a reality."

ELLEN, SANDELL - on the Queensland floods

"In Norman Lindsay's Magic Pudding, the wonderful koalas Bunyip Bluegum and Uncle Wattlebery represented a new society, one that was rich in the extreme. The Magic Pudding - Albert, represented everything this country had to offer and it appeared it would never run out. The come again, come again pudding, a land of plenty, a land of abundance, a land which had so much promise and still does.

As the Koala Woman, I have come to know that the koalas may run out, that our forests could be depleted and that we all have to work together to save it all. It is not too late, but we must hurry and I am confident that if we do, Australia could lead the world in sustainable practices. I am confident we can do it, together, because I know there are many on this beautiful gorgeous planet of ours that love the bush as much as I do.

DEBORAH, TABART - Australian Koala Foundation.

"A child born today will never know the marine world as nature intended it to be. They can only know how man has made it. "


"Where timber vegetation is ruthlessly destroyed, aridity and its sequence sterility will prevail and the hotter the climate, the more to be dreaded. "


"Forests, beyond offering us their plainly utilitarian wealth, have to perform vast physiological functions in the great economy of nature, by contributing predominantly in the empire of vegetation to the liberation of oxygen. "


"Let us regard the forests as an inheritance, given to us by nature, not to be despoiled or devastated, but to be wisely used, reverently honoured and carefully maintained. Let us regard the forests as a gift, entrusted to any of us only for transient care, to be surrendered to posterity as an unimpaired property, increased in riches and augmented in blessings, to pass as a sacred patrimony from generation to generation. "


"On a feeling and sensitive mind a demolished forest impresses unmingled sadness, whereas its primeval grandeur must inspire anyone to immeasurable delight, who is susceptible to the beauties of nature. "


"Hope is when you think you've left something in the future and you search to find it."


"So many of the things we relied on a middle-class family to do for itself now have a role for government, from feeding children correctly to building a granny flat or, for that matter, deciding which newspaper column is acceptable to read. It is the middle class itself that has insisted on its own enfeeblement with continual demands for the regulation of daily life and for insisting on the elevation of concerns such as animal rights and the environment as if nobody would have to pay or as if there were a source of unlimited wealth to draw on. One day the mines will be empty and our descendants will rightly curse us if we have misused our national bounty to abdicate our responsibility to be industrious, self-reliant and ambitious. These are the qualities on which success in an unknowable future depends. We undermine them at our peril."

CASSANDRA, WILKINSON - The Weekend Australian, 10-11 March 2012

"It seems unlikely but this is one of the most peaceful times in human history. Can we make the most of it? "


" I think things can be completely transformed in an environmentally sensible way, such that we would live in harmony. You know, our cities would look almost rural. You'd have forests on the roof, you'd have no air-conditioning, you'd have designer buildings which would be living things... that would be naturally green. And I think that is a way forward that's perfectly possible."


"No-one can do everything for the environment, but every-one can do something to make a better world. "


"With a healthy environment all our lives are enriched. Without it our lives are diminished. The environment is and will always be number one. One Life, One World, Our Future. "


"We need to believe in a bright, compelling and sustainable future. Fear neither motivates people long-term nor brings out the best in them. Hope is a powerful motivator. "


"Making ourselves the solution, rather than part of the problem is our greatest challenge. "


"Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever. "


"As Aboriginal people we have always retained our resilience, our humour and our cultural integrity - we will always retain our dreams and a vision for the future for our people."


"If you can see the invisible, then you can see the possible and provide the opportunities for trust, commitment and ways of empowering others to manage their past, present and future."