"When you stand looking down on the Freycinet Peninsula, it's a bit like life really - its beauty, ruggedness and ageless power have the ability to overpower, inspire or make you feel as though you've really just come home. Like a life well lived it has a sense of real and tragic history and a genuine hope for an exciting future for yourself and those who will follow. "


"Hope is like a magic wand that whisks away your troubles and fulfills all your dreams and courage is like a golden key that opens a special door and gives you a brand new life."


"There are dreams to be dreamed, there are ventures to start, there are new songs to sing - when you have hope in your heart."


"Sometimes we let fear stand between us and our rainbow but if we have courage, our hopes and dreams will lead us to our pot of gold in life. "


"Happiness is a grateful spirit, an optimistic attitude, and a heart full of love."


"Try to always keep a smile on your face and this will be the sunshine in your life that will make the shadows disappear. "

DAINERE, ANTHONEY 12 - You Have To Go Through A Storm To Get To A Rainbow

"When clouds finally clear, when pain eases just a little, when you see the first sparkling star at night, that is when hope has come and brought a rainbow into your life. "

DAINERE, ANTHONEY 12 - You Have To Go Through A Storm To Get To A Rainbow

"What's the difference between nope and hope? That little bit of extra effort to keep on reaching upwards."


"On one hand, I'm an optimistic pessimist. On the other, I'm a pessimistic optimist. But while there's life, there's still hope, and I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing if I didn't think there was still hope."

DR HELEN, CALDICOTT - on the future

"When men can be made to hope, then they can be made to win. "

BRYCE, COURTENAY - The Power of One

"But I was still alive, and in my book, where there's life, there's hope."

BRYCE, COURTENAY - The Power of One

"I believe the impossible is possible to overcome
I believe in miracles
Born from love in everyone"

DELTA, GOODREM - Believe Again

"Where there is uncertainty there can be hope. Where there is hope there can be possibilities Where there are possibilities anything can happen."


"Hope is like a butterfly that gently alights in your heart. "


"There's a touch of blue sky out there and wind - a cold wet winter's day is in the making. The snowy river wattles are laden with blossom. It won't be too long and the yellow will burst out. So too will the bulbs. Hopes for spring, for the future will burst forth, in a blaze of colour."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"He has planted himself in the soil of despair; let's hope from there we see the beginning of turning and new life."


"Hope is when you think you've left something in the future and you search to find it."