"The old dead trees are the most fascinating - the countless trees lying in the gullies and up the hills that fell perhaps a century ago, pulling up their roots from the earth as they toppled. The great upheavals left rocks in their huge tentacles and, as they slowly rot, the trunks are home to populations of creatures, from goannas to wild pigs. As grey as tombstones in a cemetery they lie there, having outlasted generations of farmers, as they'll outlast me. In their own way they are as beautiful, more beautiful, than living trees."

PHILLIP, ADAMS - Trees of life

"When you stand looking down on the Freycinet Peninsula, it's a bit like life really - its beauty, ruggedness and ageless power have the ability to overpower, inspire or make you feel as though you've really just come home. Like a life well lived it has a sense of real and tragic history and a genuine hope for an exciting future for yourself and those who will follow. "


"If you count your blessings not your troubles your life is more beautiful."


"Sometimes the paths we take are long and hard, but remember those are often the ones that lead to the most beautiful views. Have the courage to make that journey."


"She had been dragged in the most humiliating of all dusts, the dust reserved for older women who let themselves be approached, on amorous lines, by boys... It had all been pure vanity, all just a wish, in these waning days of hers, still to feel power, still to have the assurance of her beauty and its effects."


"Strange that the vanity which accompanies beauty - excusable, perhaps, when there is such great beauty, or at any rate understandable - should persist after the beauty is gone."


"The beauty of the air, from the air... You haven't seen Australia unless you see it from the air. The coastline, the colours of the inland. The claypans, the forests. It's just all so beautiful. You'd never see that from the road. People climb mountains to see these things. You see that every time you take off."


"Is this for progress Beauty Swept away?"


"When most objects are truly functional, this technological age, which is just beginning, will be truly civilised. When all objects in this country are truly functional, Australia will be as beautiful in its own way as classical Greece."

ROBIN, BOYD - Artificial Australia

"Nowhere in the modern world have the conditions set a more attractive problem for the architect than in the wooded rock ledges of the headlands of Sydney Harbour - a nice problem, for the factors are definitely clear cut and simple socially, economically and aesthetically: - A million people free to exercise their own judgement, economically able to provide themselves with fully equipped and appointed substantial homes with a beautiful, easily worked stone underlying their sites and all other building materials indigenous, and all skill and equipment handy, and the most beautiful outlook, background and garden setting possible to imagine; complete to start with."

WALTER, BURLEY GRIFFIN - Building for Nature

"A close contact with nature has been a focus of my life since childhood and has been my inspiration both professionally and personally. I believe that for most of us, most of the time, it is in the everyday experience of beauty, certainly in nature and in music, that we sense a heaven half-revealed and come closest to the true meaning of reality. "


"The difference between me and a butterfly is that the butterfly looks at a flower with no purpose in mind but to sip nectar. The flower feeds its body while for me the colours and shapes and scents of flowers feed my heart. But how arrogant of me to assume that the butterfly does not feel its miniscule heart also soar for no reason other than touching and being touched by beauty! "


"Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart."


"I love being my age. I love getting older. What you lose in looks, you gain in wisdom. I might not be as physically beautiful on the outside today, but I'm much more beautiful on the inside. True beauty comes from inside..."


"Scientists do have an incredible awe about the world. Science to them isn't just pulling the world apart and putting it into dry elements and thinking nothing of it. If you're a passionate scientist, you're in awe not only of the beauty of the world, but the way it all hangs together. So I actually find science is a really life-enhancing thing."


"No one can say I married my husband for his money. I married him because he's a beautiful art object."


"Fantastically, Australia is still the lucky country. We have the flawed but necessary gift of democracy. Currently there is a debate about whether there is racism in Australia. There is racism in every country in the world. Relatively speaking, we are tolerant of one another. We have a large and giving land and, if you haven't seen its beauty, you haven't seen a beauty precious to the earth."

MARTIN, FLANAGAN - The Age, 26 January 2012

"I have always had, as I know many people have, a singular passion for Australia. I do love the sunburnt country, its ancient landscapes, its exhilarating reaches of sand and sea. "


"I have a deep respect and love for these tiny humans, and I hope to convey in my images a measure of the beauty that exists in all children."


"I have a deep love and respect for children and I cannot imagine photographic life without them playing a major part. I hope that through my work as a photographer, I have been able to pass on my appreciation of their beauty and charm."


"All the unhallowed beauty I have found;
All free - discordant shrills
and form-defying wonders above ground,
like writhen trees with draggled foliage
struggling along the courses of wayback creeks;
scarlet - and - green
sky - streaking parrot - fires with parrot shrieks
echo - shattering the shoulders of the hills;
and desert - sunset - rage
Rage for my mind, be clamant, do not cease
you are my holiest habitat of peace."


"At the end of the day, women must understand how they look is important, but not all-important; that there are different ideas of beauty. It is in the eye of the beholder and it comes from within. "


"The sun is higher now, highlighting the grass and the bushes while I write. It is so beautiful. It lifts my spirits bringing light to the darkest areas."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"It's another beautiful spring day in Paradise. Birds are twittering. Soft pink streaks across the sky warming me, warming the day, and making me feel heartened. I love the sunlight. How could I live without the sun? It makes me feel warm inside and out."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"The bulbs should flower in a month or so. The place will be a picture of colour, smell and beauty. All the rockwork and the planting of hundreds of bulbs will come to fruition. The lemon and lime trees are languishing, in need of water and food, a bit like me. I'm in need of nourishment for the brain, food for the soul and solace for the spirit. I wonder how long we will have together."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"The fluidity of life is perplexing: Everything that is beautiful is rapidly changing; it appears from nowhere and evaporates without notice. The beauty of life appears without being summoned and it evaporates no matter how tightly we hang on to it. Indeed the tighter our grip, the more complete is the dissipation and the more haunting and embarrassing is the result."


"We naturally develop high hopes for our careers, children, investments and communities for all of these are good things. But good things are fluid and life is to be lived most fully when we recognise the passing nature of everything beautiful."


"Beauty of environment, beauty in the workplace, in the living room and in all the things we touch, see and think about, beauty of form and colour and of the ideas they express - this brings an enlarging and developing of the human spirit and mind. "


"And it feels like so long since I felt
The sun on my face
Why did it take so long
To find this place
If it were not for this
I'd never have known
Never have known
Never have known or felt
Such a beautiful thing."


"The love I have for our wildlife is so great, it fills my world. After Black Saturday I saw a world that was black and white, void of animals and humans. What I missed most was the love and life of living with the wildlife. Each day I think of the ones gone and there is a deep hole in my heart. I did not miss the humans or the sounds they make, I missed the animals the sounds of peace and love that came from them. Such beauty and harmony with nature, only animals can be that smart. "


"Beauty imposes reverence in the Spring,
Grave as the urge within the honeybuds,
It wounds us as we sing.

Beauty is joy that stays not overlong.
Clad in the magic of sincerities,
It rides up in a song.

Beauty imposes chastenings on the heart,
Grave as the birds in last solemnities
Assembling to depart."

JOHN, SHAW NEILSON - Beauty Imposes

"I find myself moved by man in his new violent environment. I want to paint this explicitly and beautifully."


"I like living in the 20th century - to me the world has never been more beautiful. I am trying to paint the real world I live in, as beautifully as I can with my own eyes."


"Beauty attracts the eye where all the surroundings are unattractive. "


"On a feeling and sensitive mind a demolished forest impresses unmingled sadness, whereas its primeval grandeur must inspire anyone to immeasurable delight, who is susceptible to the beauties of nature. "


"I am interested in beauty which can best be described as being on time for the appointment."


"Drawing is the art of being able to leave an accurate record of the experience of what one isn't, of what one doesn't know. A great drawer is either confirming beautifully what is commonplace or probing authoritatively the unknown."


"I am first and foremost a musician, although those of us who live elsewhere still dream about the inspirational qualities of Australia and its ravishing transcendental beauty."