About Australian Inspiration

Australian Inspiration is a unique and uniquely Australian project born out of love - love for Australia and a passion for quotes.

www.australianinspiration.com.au is a quote website that captures and celebrates the voice and spirit of Australia. What fuels our passions and beliefs, our wisdom and philosophy, our hopes and dreams, our courage and convictions and the beauty and bounty of this timeless land.

You will find quotes about nature and Australiana, about Australia’s history and heritage. About its Aboriginal people, the world’s oldest culture. Quotes about our diverse natural environments, with its unique much-loved flora and fauna. 

Also quotes about life and living, about Australian culture and character which is founded on stories of battlers, bushrangers and brave soldiers. Quotes by sporting heroes, working heroes, plucky migrants, fair dinkum politicians and larger than life characters like Dame Edna Everage, Paul Hogan and Steve Irwin. And also from inspirational young Australians.

Australian Inspiration celebrates Australia today - our multiculturalism and nationalism, the wisdom and philosophy of our artists, explorers, innovators and leaders and our national obsession with sport. 

You don't really understand what makes the Australian nation tick unless you understand the great affection Australians have for sport.  

JOHN HOWARD, Prime Minister 1996-2007

 Allow the Aussie voice and spirit to inspire and delight you, too.


Australian Inspiration now has its own imprint, dedicated to publishing books that inspire and delight.

The first, How Do I Love Thee? by Chrissie Anthony, is a celebration of love.

The latest, by Michael Leon and Chrissie Anthony, is Phantoms. Fantasy and romance collide as the legend lives on in the Palais Garnier.