"Australia's is a special kind of philistinism, an immovable materialism which puts art and ideas of any kind deliberately and firmly to one side to let the serious business of living proceed without distraction."

ROBIN, BOYD - on attitudes to creativity, Artificial Australia

"Creativity can be nurtured and encouraged. I think there are probably many people in the world that have a lot of creativity in them but it never finds a voice or form because it's not acknowledged as something of value. "

HAZEL, HAWKE - A Little Bit of Magic

"I thought I'd definitely be a writer, whatever I did. "


"My work is often therapeutic because I often give expression to this inner voice."


"This life is actually very exhausting. It doesn't give humans much time to contemplate anything. We are not resting ourselves and there is the feeling we have got to keep working and pushing really hard. So I draw the person running and running and running-for no apparent reason. And suddenly I find that I have touched on something that is perhaps universal."


"There was all this loneliness in my cartoons and people would say, "Gee, these characters are so lonely, disconnected, depressed." And I'd say, 'Yeah well, that's not me. I'm just interested in that because I think it makes a funny drawing.' But later I understood it was me in many respects; my hand was doing it ahead of the head's understanding."


"The garden talks to me . This is my passion, where my creative energies come alive. Amidst the forest of native plants, grasses, herbs, spring bulbs, brilliant deciduous autumn trees, orchids and roses are emerging in pots and across archways. The garden is ever changing, just like the weather and me. I walk in it, sit in it, marvel at it and drink it in. I dream of what I can do, then I make it happen, bit by bit. And then I walk, sit, marvel and drink it in some more."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"The garden is my palette. This is where I create, where I visualise what could be."

CHRISTINE, LISTER - The Hidden Journey

"And I've always worked on the principle that if it interests me enough to write about it, then it must interest a lot of other people. "