About Chrissie Anthony

Chrissie Anthony is the romantic alter ego of Christine Lister.

Chrissie is an incurable romantic, hopelessly addicted to fantasy, fairy tales, happy endings and the joys of life and living. Her love of words and beauty have blossomed, like a precious orchid in spike, into a passion for creating beautiful books about love, romance, sensuality and eroticism. 

Chrissie’s first book Quiver, tells of Eve’s passionate and daring quest to awaken the goddess within and find the tall, dark, handsome man of her dreams. 

Hope is like a butterfly that alights gently in your heart

Her second book, How Do I Love Thee? is a celebration of love. A lover’s repertoire. Stunning photography of editor Chrissie Anthony’s much-loved garden is accompanied by beautifully matched timeless love quotes. 

Her latest book Phantoms is co-written with Michael Leon. Raw ambition, ruthlessness and revenge live on at the sumptuous Paris Opera House.

For more about Chrissie www.chrissieanthony.com