Young People

"Everyone can make a difference in their own way and their own time. My advice to young people is to keep believing in yourself and your dreams. Being passionate and committed to something which means a lot to you is all that matters. "


"Sometimes young people do die and it's really hard, but you can't do anything to avoid it. But do your best to think about safe ways of doing things and just enjoying the living of your life and not being paranoid about going out too much or eating too much chocolate."


"Older people often mistakenly consider that the young people do not care about their country, but the reverse is actually true. "


"Our vision is to look through the eyes of our kids. We are a lucky, peaceful nation. We are an unselfish people. That's one of our proudest national attributes."

GENERAL SIR PETER, COSGROVE - on his vision for Australia

"Young people have a very, very important voice in the political process. We are certainly not naive enough to believe that we are the only ones who have a voice in the political process, or that we are the only ones that care about our future, or that we even have the skills or knowledge to shape or design our future. What we do believe, though, us that no one is more invested in the future than young people. No one is more invested in decisions that are made today than young people. And someone born today, they may not have a voice, but what we decide today on how we develop our infrastructure, for example, or how we plan our cities, or how we bridge the divide between cities and regional centres, it's not going to affect the people who are making those decisions. It will affect us, young people... Young people do have a right to have their voice heard in decisions that are made today."


"Young people have more at stake in politics and in policy than any generation, yet their voice is not often heard."


"You need to believe the words that come out of their mouth- don't just say something because you think it's what others want to hear. "


"Since when has what you wear made you what you are? "


"We should not be students, wrapped up so tight in a uniform that there's no room left to grow. "


"Judging people on their appearance is called 'lookism'. Every day, and every night, we are all lookists. "


"My dream is that this generation can stand up and make a difference and champion nature. In 1992, I decided that to win the war I needed to focus more on the kids. After all, the adults didn't seem to be listening. The kids are the frontline for the environment now. So today, my work and my company's work is very much focussed on encouraging young people to love nature, to live within the natural world, to question and search and discover, and most importantly, to follow their dreams and live their passion. Kids today are very aware. They do care about what is happening to their inheritance, but we all still have so much to learn about Australian wildlife. The war on wildlife is still far from over. "


"I realised that, unless I was to become a politician or a researcher, my only real contribution could be to build a publishing enterprise based on sound commercial principles, that would ignite in others a passion for the natural world. I chose to target children of all ages. I soon found I was able to create, produce and sell products that celebrated nature and inspired a personal connection with its beauty and fragility. I knew that my young audience, having made a connection, would grow up believing in the magic of nature. When environmental issues arose, these children, now adults, would lend their voices to make the collective environmental consciousness stronger. This is my drive and has been my reason for being for the last half a century."

STEVE, PARISH - Steve Parish 50 Years Photographing Australia

"To all our beautiful young people out there. The greatest things in life are right under your nose but they do not take the form of anything you can use or buy. They are your family and friends. Their love is free, cherish them above all else and doing so cherish yourself. Stay away from drugs."


"As a young person who will inherit the world being created now, I want us to start talking about what needs to happen to prevent this kind of tragedy from occurring again and again. I don't want to live in the world we are previewing right now. We need fundamental change, and it starts with a price on pollution that rids our economy of polluting energy and creates clean energy instead. It starts with increased funding for healthy, renewable energy. It starts with a serious commitment from all political parties to do what is right and significantly reduce Australia's greenhouse gas emissions. I hope some good can come out of this tragedy, and that we use it to have a conversation about what we are going to do this year to make these solutions a reality."

ELLEN, SANDELL - on the Queensland floods

"The best renewable energy is between the ears of young people."