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"It's the colours, the light, the space. It's really very deep in my soul... In the Australian bush and inland deserts, there is a sense of being the first person in a place."


"It was one of those special places of science where people were really passionate about their work and they were asking big questions and competing with the best in the world. "

SUZANNE, CORY - on choosing to work at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in 1971

"I think what drives scientists is this tremendous intellectual adventure - pushing the boundaries of knowledge, walking down a track that nobody has walked down before, not knowing what's around the corner and then seeing a landscape that is so extraordinarily beautiful and complex, being part of the community that is driving the boundaries of knowledge and giving us insight into the amazing process of life. "


"It's the excitement of being on the frontier. "

SUZANNE, CORY - on scientific discovery