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"There's been much talk recently about a decline in the 'civility' of our public debate. This follows a long period of anxiety about 'values' and disgruntlement about 'spin', and, if I'm reading the tea leaves right, will soon give way to sustained fretting about what our Prime Minister recently called the 'Americanisation' of Australian politics.
I don't think we've put our finger on the precise nature of the problem yet. But we're not jumping at shadows. There is something rotten in the state of Australian democracy, something about which we have good reason to worry."

LESLIE, CANNOLD - The Age, 5 December 2011

"I close my eyes and melt in its embrace, basking in the sweetest balm of forgiveness: that for which one need not even ask."

LESLIE, CANNOLD - The Book Of Rachael

"Always there are walls, Rachael, she persisted. Walls that block our path. Too high, too hard. We stop to rest, to gather strength, and before we know it we have lived whole lives in their shade. In time, we cease to even see them there, casting their long shadows, blocking our path. We cease to yearn for the other side."

LESLIE, CANNOLD - The Book Of Rachael