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"To spend time alone in the Australian bush is to experience our union with nature. It is powerfully reassuring."


"I know I belong here (in Australia), it's not so much that the land is yours as that you belong to the land."


"Perhaps the most ancient of the arts. Like music, it is a constant delight and the practice of it continues to intrigue me."

JACK, THOMPSON - on acting

"This country is made up of many tribes. yours, your brothers, your sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, many families making up a vast country. We're Australians, all connected by our different tribes. And this day, well it's all about celebrating that bond, because when we join hands we become one - one people, one place - and that gives a certain texture, a certain beat. It makes us want to shout for all to hear, 'this place, this tribe, this is Australia!'"

JACK, THOMPSON - Australia Celebrates

"The outback is four-fifths of the continent. It's at the heart of our ethos... it is omnipresent."