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"The continent had to be discovered emotionally. It had to become a homeland and feel like home. The sense of overpowering space, the isolation, the warmth of summer, the garish light, the shiny-leafed trees, the birds and insects, the smell of air filled with dust, the strange silences, and the landscapes in all their oddness had to become familiar..."


"No wars are unintended or 'accidental'. What is often unintended is the length and bloodiness of the war. Defeat too is unintended. "

GEOFFREY, BLAINEY - The Causes of War

"We forget that the nineteenth century often turned work into sport. We, in contrast, often turn sport into work."

GEOFFREY, BLAINEY - Victorian Historical Journal, February 1978

"War and peace are more than opposites. They have so much in common that neither can be understood without the other. "


"Much of Australia's history had been shaped by the contradiction that it depended intimately and comprehensively on a country which was further away that almost any other in the world. Now the dependence had slackened, the distance had diminished. The Antipodes were drifting, though where they were drifting no one knew."

GEOFFREY, BLAINEY - The Tyranny of Distance

"Nationalism is both a vital medicine and a dangerous drug. "