Tahlia, You Can Do It!

Help children learn that they can do anything!

Tahlia has a special affinity with her Poppy who loves motorbikes.
Poppy believes everyone should ride a motorbike and decides Tahlia should learn to ride one.

“I’m only three Poppy. Little girls don’t ride motorbikes.”
“Tahlia, You Can Do It!”

So Poppy took Tahlia riding on his motorbike up and down the driveway, round and round the backyard, so many times she lost count until she wasn’t scared any more. It was exciting. It was fun, until...

Beautifully illustrated by Jodi Blokkeerus, this is a children’s book with an exciting story and loving message.
All learning involves taking risks and overcoming fear and this book emphasises the importance of positive thinking.
If you think you can, you will, especially if you have a Poppy who believes You Can Do It!