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"Will not South Australian women join forces and storm this last miserable subterfuge? Will they not write and insist with an emphasis that cannot be misunderstood or evaded that it is their right as citizens of a young state which claims to be free, that its women should be free. Feudalism has had its day."


"... Sir, this strike has one feature which renders it more profoundly interesting than any of its predecessors...which must secure it a prominent and distinguished page when the history of these colonies shall be written. It is that the women of Broken Hill are the first great body of working women who have raised their voices in united protest against the glaring injustice that the present constitution will not allow them a voice in framing the laws ..."

MARY, LEE - 1892, in Barrier Miner about Broken Hill miners' strike

"Could women have ever descended to such depths of misery and degradation if women had a right in making the laws for women?"