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"There is no power in the world like that of women... this most potent constituency we seek to represent, and for their suffrages we sue. "


"A woman's opinions are useless to her, she may suffer unjustly, she may be wronged, but she has no power to weightily petitions against man's laws, no representatives to urge her views, her only method to produce release, redress, or change, is to ceaselessly agitate."

LOUISA, LAWSON - 1889, speech to inaugural meeting of the Dawn Club

"(It was) not against men, but against customs that have given them the whip hand too long."

LOUISA, LAWSON - on the success of her campaign for women's rights

"There were loads to be lifted - wrongs to be righted and wounds to be healed.


"A bachelor is only half a man"


"Whatever a woman does or is, she is criticised. The most innocuous qualities could be twisted to show her in a bad light... If she is vivacious and enjoys social life she is a 'flirt' or a 'gadabout', if she is quiet or of a more serious turn of mind she is 'withdrawn' or 'stupid'. Through such sneers in conversation, writings, jokes or cartoons, contempt for women was handed down from one generation to the next. It was time for some systematic analysis of this constant crusade in the newspapers here in Sydney and all over the civilised world - habitual belittlement leads women to mistrust themselves and silently tolerated jests against womankind."