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"For me, the immigrants and their families, their stories and their commitment to traditional ways, have contributed markedly to the spirit of this place. We have a voracious appetite for creativity and culture, and it is these people, along with their exquisite food? that makes this such a vibrant and diverse country. "

KYLIE, KWONG - Simple Chinese Cooking

"As with all aspects of our short yet venerable existence, it is the 'breath' of people, their ability to express their 'aliveness', their talent and their tolerance, that truly make the difference. In my view, Chinese cuisine encourages us to do exactly this. "

KYLIE, KWONG - Simple Chinese Cooking

"If one's spiritual life is clear and sound, then every other level - mental, emotional, physical - falls into place."

KYLIE, KWONG - on the meaning of life

"My way of communicating love and interest in people is through cooking. I grew up in an environment where food was really celebrated, and that gave me the message: food makes people happy."


"I remember my very first day; it just struck me. I'd never felt so at home with anything as I did then. Whereas with other things I always felt like I was struggling - I felt inadequate... with cooking I felt comfortable, I felt inner confidence. I just loved it."

KYLIE, KWONG - on choosing a career in cooking