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"All Australians, regardless of location, income or age, have the right to world's best practice cancer care."

IAN, ROOS - speech to launch of Cancer Voices Australia on World Cancer Day 2007

"The cancer patient can share the experience, but not the cancer. Yet it is now part of their being. It is not their partners, but it affects their partner. It is not their family's, but it affects their family. It is not their friends, yet their friends grieve for the challenge to longevity that it presents. It is the patient's and the patient is the one who has to negotiate meaning from it and an identity that incorporates it. "

IAN, ROOS - COSA Conference, Melbourne November 2006.

"Even if you did a randomised control trial that showed there was no advantage in providing patients with information it would still be my right as a human being to have that information. "

IAN, ROOS - The Challenge of Research and Supportive Care in Cancer 2005