Is it ever too late to discover who you really are?

The echo to a long lost consciousness is at the heart of 49-year-old widowed Eve’s quest to let go of the past, to awaken to life and living again by opening up her cloistered world, reconnecting with the beauty of life and the possibility that love could still be there.

The dark woods of internet dating brings only frogs and the wrong kind of men, yet it reawakens her passion and desires and her secret longing, to discover within herself, Aphrodite – the goddess of love, beauty and passion. Despairing of finding the man of her dreams online, Eve realises she needs greater awareness of her sexual self before searching any further. Like her coveted orchids, she senses an imminent bud that must bloom.

Casting aside her doubts and fears and the cultural conditioning experienced by women her age, Eve embarks upon a daring sexual journey culminating in some lessons in loving with Anthony - an intelligent, young male escort - in which she confronts the demons of the past and reclaims her sexual power, allowing the goddess within to emerge. And, ultimately, to find love again.

Quiver will resonate with the many women who, at various stages of their lives, whether it be through career, motherhood, divorce, menopause, busyness, monotony, or in Eve’s case – grief and loss, lose touch with their essential nature, their sexuality and the divine feminine within. Quiver will also reach out to the many silent victims, the ones with unresolved issues that dwell in their unconscious minds, like hidden scars. When it comes to sex, too many of us are shouldering the burden of shame, stigma and secrecy.


Chrissie Anthony is an incurable romantic, hopelessly addicted to the f word - Fantasy. Conjuring tall tales and true, where happy endings emerge from the barest glimmers of light and hope, is her raison d'etre. 

In Quiver, Chrissie leads the way into a brave new world where a woman shakes off the shackles of the past, reclaims power and ownership over her body, and rediscovers the pleasures and delights of the flesh. A beautiful world where women are in harmony with nature and the cycles of the moon and revered as goddesses. 

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