Sharing Her Story

Everyone has a story. Stories are the narrative of our life. They are at the heart of us. 

Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told, story heard, story written, story read creates the web of life in words. Story is the mother of us all.

Christina Baldwin, Storycatcher

Women can and do extraordinary things. At various times in our lives, every woman is a rebel, resourceful and remarkable. And remarkably resilient. Something worth celebrating. Yet women are often understated about their own worth, and lack confidence in sharing their stories. Australian women even more so. 

WOWA is seeking stories about Australian women's wisdom. Stories with a diverse range of insights into Australian women generally - past and present; city or country; young, old or anywhere in between; and encompassing all cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. Using this broader women’s canvas to gather together our shared, multicultural wisdom to move towards a wiser, more balanced, more understanding and more feminine world Down Under. Herstory rather than History.

Your story might be a story about yourself or about an Australian woman you know. The descriptor Australian applies to any woman who has lived here and called Australia home at some time in their lives. It is not the story of your life, but about a significant time in your life - a turning point.

The great story teller, Frank O'Connor, said that every good story should end, in spirit, with the exact same words:

And everything that ever happened to me afterwards, I never felt the same about again. 

Your story, and the links to other stories, will become an ongoing reference and resource on And some will be captured in the book – HERSTORY  Wonderfully Wise Stories About Australian Women edited by Christine Lister. 

Suggested word count: approximately 1000-2000 words. Please send as a Word document to

For guidance crafting your stories: How To Write Your Story In Six Steps Or sign up for Kate Lawrence's Comprehensive Seven Step Story Crafting Worksheet 


The ability to use your knowledge and experience to make good decisions and judgements.

The store of knowledge that a society or culture has collected over a long period of time.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting, get understanding. PROVERBS, IV, 7

Epigraph THE GETTING OF WISDOM, Henry Handel Richardson