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WOWA - Women Of Wisdom Australia

It's time!

It’s time for women to unite, stand up and speak for what they believe in.

It’s time for women’s values and women’s wisdom to be honoured.

It’s time for the indomitable spirit in every woman to be recognised.

It’s time the feminine consciousness within us all is raised.

It’s time for the feminine to come forward to lead us to the next stage of evolution along heart-centred pathways.

It’s time for HerStory to be told.

The courage to speak, the wisdom to write, the power to change. 

Story is the song line of a person’s life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the singing. Story told, story heard, story written, story read creates the web of life in words. Story is the mother of us all. CHRISTINA BALDWIN, Storycatcher


HERSTORY - another unique and uniquely Australian project


HERSTORY Wonderfully Wise Stories Of Australian Women 

Our wisdom and our worth live inside our stories. BRENE BROWN

Interested in sharing a story?

Contact Christine Lister  wowaustralia@optusnet.com.au